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slots of vegas
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250% Bonus Match up to $350

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online casino rating

Number of Games 200+
Minimum deposit $20
Minimum withdrawal $20
Mobile No
Download available Yes



No deposit bonus

Live dealer

You might’ve heard of Slots Of Vegas casino not only because of its famous name but also because of the innumerable negative feedbacks about the functioning of the site and its unfair approach to the gamblers. Yes, it’s a necessary step to take—to review the casino and discover some of the secret details, so that you could see the real nature of the gambling platform.

Before we dive into details and all, we’d love you to consider the short list of pros and cons to have some surface idea on what the casino is like, how the so-called Slots of Vegas no deposit bonus is amounted not to be withdrawn at all. And some more truly hidden particularities about Slots Of Vegas Casino!

Pros Cons
  • Attractive design of the site
  • Presence of the licence
  • Presence of the jackpot games
  • There are not many games to play
  • No exact information about security measures
  • No mobile app designed
  • There are not many Slots Of Vegas instant play
  • No new Slots Of Vegas no deposit codes

Slots of Vegas common information

Web Site
Welcome Bonus
250% Bonus Match up to $350
Deposit Methods
Echeck MasterCard Neteller Visa eChecks

No information at public disposal


Virtual Casino Group Casinos

Withdrawal Methods

Bank Wire Transfer, Cheque, Neteller



Withdrawal Limit

$2000 per week

Speed of Payouts
  • E-wallets: up to 10 d
  • Bank Transfers: up to 15 d
  • Cheques: from 21 to 28 d
  • Pending Time: up to 15 d


Manual Flushing


  • Costa Rica Gambling Jurisdiction
Contact Info
visit site

Detailed Information

Regardless of the fact that the casino was established in 2004, the number of the key aspects we consider in all of our reviews might have been much more elaborated. In reality, there has been nothing much done: there was an evident transformation from the purely downloadable casino software the casino got a web instant play one.

The first impression we got after signing up with the casino is that there is not much made for the comfort of the gamblers: not many payment options, not many games to play, not many… Yes, such aspects can be enlisted on.

We did not find any sound proof for the online protection, there are too many negative feedbacks about the casino… The team of has nothing to do except of reviewing the casino, as we stand for the most reliable gambling instances. Let’s consider the key points to find the truth about Slots Of Vegas online casino!

The last thing we’d mention is that there isn’t any no deposit bonus as well as the no deposit codes for Slots Of Vegas, so don’t even try to seek the Slots Of Vegas coupons!

Security And VPN

One of the points about the casino is that we decided to double check the security measures taken by the casino to protect the gamblers. It is so, since there are many claims about the fact that neither of the data you provide when you sign in can be absolutely provided. would say in the following way: there is a truly positive aspect of security on Slots Of Vegas website, such as, for example, inability of the users to enter the site if they’re from the restricted countries.

However, the website doesn’t contain any other security measures to be either easily recognizable or clearly stated on the website (or in the terms of service). Therefore, it’ll be quite difficult to regard the security point as an advantage.


When it comes to the legality of the casino, it is clear that not many issues would emerge. Of course, Slots Of Vegas casino possesses a license issued by Costa Rica Gambling Jurisdiction. Nevertheless, it’ll surely be another advantage if there had been some licenses by the other reputable authorities.

Yes, the presence of the licence is a great plus to the reputation of the casino, so we believe it is absolutely legal to choose the casino mentioned to gamble at.


Along with the lack of the security measures to be clearly stated, the number and the volumes of the jackpots the casino can ensure is also not stated on the official website.

In compliance with the data provided on the web, the majority of the jackpots is assigned to the slot activities. The other kinds of games—like table games and video poker—do not provide any possibilities for having played for the sake of a jackpot. got accustomed to review the casinos that clearly state what volume of jackpots is available for the gamblers in compliance with the games. What’s more, the overall amount fo the jackpot payouts determined by the casino would be nice to be described.


Regardless of the great website layout, it is quite complicated to claim that the usability of Slots Of Vegas can indeed surprise even a fresh gambler. We’ll explain what we mean right away.

One of the aspects we pay attention to is the language which the casino is accessible in. When it comes to the Slots Of Vegas, the only option is possible—English. So, if you’re in the USA but not a person who speaks English fluently, you’ll definitely come across some troubles.

Another point not to be referred to as a positive side is the absence of the app. Yes, Slots Of Vegas mobile app would be a great thing to get engaged in, since the majority of the gamblers use mobile devices to gamble online.

Thirdly, when it comes to the payment options, you’ll see that there are not too many options to have your funds withdrawn or even deposited.

As a result, the usability of the site pushes to understanding that there are some drawbacks related to the functionality of the web platform. Hence, we’ll carry on narrating the review, and your task is to weigh the pros and cons not to get trapped by the casino.

Mobile Version

Regardless of the fact that you’d hardly ever be able to find any app to gamble at Slots Of Vegas. However, you’ll find it quite appropriate to use the casino from your mobile device via the browser of your choice. So, just use the slots of vegas mobile casino, and that’s it.

Herein, it is necessary to mention that the casino is available as either a downloadable format or as an instant play. When it comes to the mobile gambling at Slots Of Vegas, you should know that the instant play games would be some limited, while the downloadable casino activities are absolutely unlimited. In any case, you understand that the downloadable games have some drawbacks in comparison to the instant play. So, be sure to make your reasonable decision.

Games Variety

In fact, there are not that many game kinds on the site, which is some suspicious, since the casino has been functioning for almost 10 years. We’ll try to investigate this issue, as we believe that it is some weird.

In any case, we’d love to show you what the gambling activities are like, since even if you decide on start off gambling at Slots Of Vegas, you have to know what to expect.

In compliance with the research by us, we found out the following information about the gambling activities divided into download casino games and instant play. As mentioned before, the number of the download games are some bigger than the instant play, which is odd, as well.

So, as for the Slots Of Vegas download games, they are as follows:

  • Table games
  • Slots
  • Video Poker
  • Jackpots.

Similarly to any other game type, you shouldn’t expect any no deposit bonus codes slots of vegas!

As for the instant play games, they are absolutely the same, but there is some difference in the number of items to get engaged in.

Please, kindly consider the graph below to see real difference between the game number after you use your slots of vegas login. By the way, bear in mind that the slots of vegas bonus codes are not available for any of the games.

slots of vegas

As you can see, to have the access to the biggest number of the gambling activities, you’ll need to download the software to gamble via any device of yours. That’s not actually what we expected to look like. We wish the slots of vegas codes had been provided to the gamblers.

As a result, in spite of the fact that the 21st century dictates us new rules of games being more advanced from the point of view of technical quality. In other words, the downloadable games are quite outdated at the moment, since the online casino industry made so many steps ahead to provide the gamblers with the top-notch possibilities.

Why doesn’t Slots Of Vegas casino do it, as well? That’s a nice question to think of and find no answer at the moment.

Still, we have some more ideas on the casino being reviewed, so you will uncover some interesting details that no other Slots Of Vegas reviews would inform you about. The next chapter is dedicated to the bonuses, and we’d love to claim that we expected this casino to provide some more interesting opportunities…


slots of vegas
1 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 5
250% Bonus Match up to $350
play now

Yes, some more attractive and beneficial bonus opportunities for the new gamblers of the casino and for the regular ones could’ve been provided. In reality, it is not. Why not? Just because the team of got accustomed to the more versatile bonus schemes.

After examining the site for the bonuses affordability, we discovered that in fact there is only one bonus offer to be clearly stated. It’s the Welcome offer, that is a bonus for the newcomers.

As you understand, everything related to the Slots Of Vegas no deposit bonus codes, you’ll not find any.

Welcome Bonus

The Slots Of Vegas casino proposes all new users a pleasant and appealing bonus of 250% to the deposit with the maximum of $2500. In fact, that’s it. No other welcome bonus offers can be ensured. Yes, we mean that, as a rule, there are several subtypes of the bonuses like the second deposit bonus or the third deposit bonus.

Honestly, we would like to refer this aspect of the casino to the biggest advantage, for the bonus system is actually one of the most predominant factors that draw attention to the gamblers. Nonetheless, the casino doesn’t let the newcomers have even more.

Also, the volume of the bonus is quite nice, since it makes a user have up to $2500. In reality, it’ll be pretty complicated to have, since the number of games is not that big, and one can have benefits out of the bonus offer only when gambing for too long.

One more feature we didn’t like much about the bonus system at Slots Of Vegas is that there accessibility of the no deposit bonus is not provided. What’s more, the number of the free spins is quite low, just 25 with the limited opportunity to grab them.

As a consequence, we would not claim that the approach to the bonuses by the Slots Of Vegas casino is quite user-friendly. Thus, we would not award any big points for the bonus system.

Finally for this section, the VIP program for the regular gamblers of the casino might have been provided, at least. We’ll not even mention that it could have been more detailed. As a result, the casino doesn’t seem to care much of the gamblers.

Payment Options

When it comes to the payment options of the casino at Slots Of Vegas, it is clearly evident that the advantage cannot be awarded, as well. Why so? We’ll try to put it down shortly.

First off, the number of both deposit and withdrawl options is too small. It means that casino is not going to get on well with you to make your depositing more comfortable.

Secondly, the number of the currencies at the gamblers’ disposal is not that big, so you would need to either undergo some automatic exchange with the low rate and fees applied or load your payment method with the USD.

Thirdly, regardless of the fact that the limit of payouts per week is nice, that is $2000, you would hardly ever be possible to get your payment method loaded with this sum, as the probability to win is not that big.

With the minimum deposit and withdrawal amount of $20, you will need to await the transaction to be confirmed from the casino side. Yes, it’ll take some additional time to do.

Hence, we’ll consider the depositing and withdrawing details to shed more light. In general, you can already assess the situation. There’ll be more inconveniences than the comfort for you as for the gambler.

Deposit Methods

There are only for essential deposit methods you can pick up from to make your first (and further) deposits. To be honest, we got used to think that the depositing methods are manifold diverse. Herein, it’s irregular.

You can use the following options to release your deposit:

  • MasterCard
  • Neteller
  • Visa
  • eChecks.

Along with this, you should carry in mind that the depositing period may also vary. It means that if you expected it to be instant, it may take some more time than you thought of. For instance, instead of making it all in an instant manner, you’ll be forced to wait for about 30 minutes to have your casino account loaded. That’s not that comfortable, as well.

Withdrawal Methods

When it comes to the withdrawing methods, you’ll hardly ever be sure to find any pluses at all. There are three main withdrawal methods you can opt for from:

  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Cheque
  • Neteller.

Herein, you see that no bank card can be used. If you decide to send the money you won to a bank card from one of the options enlisted above, you’ll need to wait for some more time. What’s the most cruel in the situation is that you will have to pay the fees twice. The first fee is for the withdrawal from the casino. The second one is for the translation of the money to your bank card.

If you thought that this is all about the negative sides of the payment options of Slots Of Vegas, you’re wrong, again.

The time to withdraw your funds is also another drawback, as it is the longest one we have ever seen. Scroll down a bit to discover all details.

Withdrawal Time

As mentioned, the withdrawal period is cruelly long, so you’ll never forget about the very fact of winning, as the casino is not in a hurry to pay out.

Let’s see what they offer to the gamblers who succeeded to win at least something:

  • When applying an e-wallet as a payment option, you’ll wait for up to 10 days to get your winnings
  • The Bank Transfers-related payouts from the casino would take you up to 15 days
  • If you want to use the cheques the time of expectation would from 21 up to 28 days.

Herein, another shortcoming is the transaction pending time. Could you guess how long it would take? Yes, up to 15 days.

So, in general, to withdraw your funds, you’ll have to wait for about 40 days. We’d not tolerate such attitude. We are sure that this aspect should’ve been fixed to be more gambler-oriented.


Due to the fact that the casino possesses a special licence for performing all gambling-related activities, we can truly claim that it is legit. Nevertheless, you should always keep in mind that the numerous aspects of the casino have manifested as negative. However, there are no slots of vegas no deposit codes available.

In fact, it is not possible. When we got in touch with the casino support team, we obtained a response that such an offer is absent for now. However, we believe that the management of the casino would intromit at least a couple of the additional options.

Unfortunately, this kind of a feature is impossible, since the terms of use of the casino do not allow any refunds at all. The only reason to agree on refunding your deposit is the technical problems when the casino did not function at all.

As you may know, the legal age for gambling is at least 18 years old, so the casino has all rights to ask you to provide your ID to be sure that you are not underaged. Also, if you fail to access the site being located in the USA, you can also try to prove your identity by sending them a scan of your in-country documents.

In the course of our reviewing process, we found out that the probability to win is not the biggest. First off, it’s because the casino doesn’t have RTP being publicly audited. Secondly, along with having a licence, Slots Of Vegas claim to be partially self-regulated.


Thanks God, we’re coming to the end of the review, as we discovered too many drawbacks that do not only cause suspicious reactions but also are not user-friendly. As you may know, the reputation of a casino online is not only the number and quality of the games but also the way the casino treats the gamblers.

As you could see, the main parameters we use for the reviewing process of the online casinos have not satisfied our team. As a result, we believe that it’d be irresponsible to recommend Slots Of Vegas to our readers. Surely, it’s always the choice of yours to pick up a gambling web platform. Our task here is to unlock the most secret points.

One more aspect is that there are no Slots Of Vegas bonus code no deposit. Why not? Just because the slots of vegas no deposit bonus isn’t available.

After the precise examination of the site, we believe that you can find some more advanced and reliable casino sites to gamble on in the USA.

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